Bathrobes make some of the best gifts for friends and family, as we already mentioned before. Either you want to surprise somebody with a lovely present, or you have holidays, and special occasions to consider, high-quality bathrobes represent the solution to your gift-shopping quest. However, buying such an item for someone else may be a bit tricky in the lack of the proper robe size chart – mainly if you shop online. To help you pick the best bathrobe this year – for you or someone else – we compiled this guide on the robe size chart and the things you need to know.

Robe Size Chart – How to Choose the Perfect Bathrobes

Not so long ago, we offered you a complete bathrobe-shopping guide commenting a few things about measurements as well. There are two points to consider that deserve resuming:

  1. When you buy the bathrobe for yourself, make sure you have recent measurements of your body to compare them to the robe size chart available for the product you desire. Some manufacturers do not offer specific measures, but display the universal sizes symbols or use the OSFA criterion.
  2. When you buy a bathrobe for someone else, you should also have his or her measurements freshly noted in your mind. Pros say you should measure the person three times, calculate the average, and pick a bathrobe size as close to that average as possible.
  3. Another good idea is to look at some general clothing size charts – we also provide two of them – and compare the bathrobe size you find in an online store with the tables. Calculate the average and shop the bathrobe that best fits the chart. Sometimes, you cannot take measurements of another person without giving away your intentions, so using our robe size chart as a starting point will help you make the best purchases.

Understanding Body Measurements and Bathrobe Measurements

We think you will find useful the body measurements chart we provide, especially when you compare them to the general clothing measurements. When you buy a bathrobe for somebody (or for you), you do not care much about the inseam (trousers’ length) or the neck circumference, but you have to pay attention to the following measurements:

  • Length – the distance between the neck’s center to the person’s ankle. In bathrobe language, it means the size between the collar of the bathrobe to the bathrobe’s hem.
  • Shoulder – the measurement of the shoulder width (consider as reference the hem coming before the sleeve);
  • Width – you need to measure or know the person’s waist and hip size. When you buy a bathrobe, width means the circumference of the bathrobe skirt – which needs to fully envelop a person’s hips and legs without being too tight or too loose.
  • Chest/Bust – this is a measurement referring to the bust of a person. When you buy a bathrobe for a woman, you need to take into account the circumference of her bust. Even with a one-size-fits-all robe, her bust line should be your primary concern. When it comes to buying a robe for a man, you should consider the width of his back, factoring in the shoulder and the back width (measured from one armpit to the other).
  • Sleeve – When you buy a bathrobe, the sleeve length is crucial. While there is no problem in having sleeves that reach the middle area of your fingers, in the robe size chart framework, this means the length between the shoulder seam to the sleeve cuff.
  • Sleeve Opening – while not an issue when you buy bathrobes, you should keep this measurement in mind when you buy clothes for other people in general.
  • Belt – the length of the robe’s belt should be proportional to the bathrobe’s waist measurements.
  • Sweep – the measurement of the bathrobe’s bottom hem, edge-to-edge.

Speaking of paying attention to detail, we will emphasize again on the importance of the belt loop height – it should not be way above or way below the waistline of the person. As we said before, quality bathrobes usually feature more than a loop. Before you make a purchase – if you are not confident in the measurements – write the seller or make a phone call.

The Best Fitting Bathrobes

The best bathrobes are the ones that fit your body (without sliding off your shoulders or requiring you to readjust the belt all the time), but also allow you to move freely, lounge, and feel comfortable. Usually, people buy a robe in the next higher size than the one they typically feature just for this exact reason: they want to feel comfortable and be able to wear some other loungewear underneath the bathrobe.

  • PRO TIP: No matter what type of bathrobe you intend to buy, give it a 3-5 inch margin to the body measurements you have to make sure the robe allows freedom of movement and body comfort.

Women Size Chart



Men Size Chart


For you to understand sizes when it comes to buying bathrobes, we will offer you a handful of practical examples revolving around the OSFA measurement (One Size Fits All). Please refer to the general clothing size charts provided above for comparisons and more insight into sizing.

Terry Kimono Robes

When you get a women KL kimono robe or a women KL kimono robe, make sure you take into account the following measurements:

  • Small/Medium: Length: 40"; Waist: 51";
  • OSFA:Length 48"; Waist: 56"; Shoulder 24"; Sleeve 17"; Sweep 60".

KL Kahollavan Velour Shawl Collar Bathrobes

Here are some measurements you need to understand about terry velour shawl collar bathrobes (for women, and men, respectively):

  • Small/Medium: Length 44"; Waist 53"
  • OSFA: Length 52"; Waist 56"; Shoulder 24"; Sleeve 22"; Sweep 60".
  • XXL: Length 50"

Microfiber / Fleece Bathrobes

A microfiber/fleece bathrobe for women and men make excellent winter presents – and amazing gifts in general. Here are some sizing parameters to consider:

  • Small/Medium: Length 48"; Waist 56"; Shoulder 20.5";
  • OSFA: Length 52"; Waist 58"; Shoulder 5″; Sleeve 24"; Sweep 64".


We hope this robe size chart, together with the explanations and graphics, will help you pick the best bathrobes that fit best. Generally, the OSFA criterion is the most popular one, and for good reasons. Robes should not fit tight a person’s body, but wrap people in layers upon layers of fluffy and warm comfort, especially the thick, winter ones. Nevertheless, if you want to buy a bathrobe online for a dear one, make sure you make some comparisons with the standard charts and take things from there.